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Round Ups and Updates: Trades, Strategies and Results.

Hi, I want to do a post to sort of round up and bring together everything I have been talking about over the last week(s). I know it may seem I have been jumping from one thing to another, but it is not dumping one idea and moving onto the next. It is plate spinning. I will do them all, just working on getting them all running concurrently.


First, a bit of housekeeping. For those of you who are not here because you want to be part of a community that is actively focused on profiting from the Forex market, and talking about the real ways of doing that, based on results; the time really has come for you to leave. I am not booting you. You just will not like it here. That is what this group is going to be about. How to generate profits. There are some "Forex traders" here that seem to think that a dirty word, you will find yourself better company somewhere else. That is going to be the focus of this sub.

Secondly, for those of you who seem to be here to tell me my strategies do not work ... I was not asking! Especially if you openly admit you have not tried them. I am sure standing 1,000 miles away from a chart and calling it "tea leafs" this stuff will not work well at all. I have not tried that, personally, but it does seem it would be unprofitable. So I get it does not work, for you. I asses if it works for me by if it makes money or not. If the market starts to tell me it does not work, then I will adjust it. You're like people living in a desert telling an Eskimo there is no usefulness in ice. You have not done the work, and refuse to suspend prejudice to asses results ... of course it does "not work".

I am only showing people what I do. Via ForexCopy, you can copy my trades if you want. If you ask me questions about what I do, I will gladly help you understand it. However, this is entirely contingent upon you having tried it out yourself (and me being able to tell that from you asking targeted questions). I can only show you what I do. Until you do it, you can not know it like I do. When you are doing it, I will then help you.


Okay, onto more useful and practical things. Let's talk trading.

Last week went well. I will do another post rounding up the analysis posts and all that stuff.

We sorted out issues we had in week one on live copier testing. From the open of the week to the close the account went from around $50 to about $72.
These stats are fuzzed a bit, since it is starting from a DD point (from last week). The actual gain here was closer to 40% or so. The actual draw-down probably more like 7%.

You can see the trades here. Loses tended to come in couples adding up to about 5%. There was not a strong of losses incurring 16% draw-down.

$2 Flip Challenge.
See first

This is on! I busted a few times. First about $2 deposit. Then $1 twice. Then starting from $2 again I got up to $5, and closed the week at $5. $5 give me several chances to catch a decent trade next week. Depending on market conditions, I may look to scalp small profits to bankroll if it is ranging and not flowing much. However, if it is trending, I will look ofr ways to position and then use equity profits to build a larger position (at the same starting risk) and look to flip $1 risk into $10 to $20 +. From there, things will be much easier. I can then just link this with one of the copier strategies and see how much it can be compounded. If we reach $5,000, I will bank $4,000, and then we can look at doing something far more ambitious.

I've re-pinned the Myfxbook to start on Friday (since this is the first day getting above minimum viable margin)
(Myfxbook on it is strange at the moment, showing it floating down in equity, but it is not. All trades are closed. I am sure this will fix itself within a few pings in the starting week).

Copy Trading

Copy trading is ready for a soft launch. Things are running well on current copying accounts and we can add some more.
The first one will be a simple strategy, the main aim of this is for it to be broker flexible. So it can be used by a variety of people. Also to be non tome consuming, and not requiring VPS to run.

As well as having the option to copy this strategy, you can also use it just as a signals service. Checking if there are orders placed and then placing the same ones manually, if you want. Please understand any trades taken under any form are entirely your decision to make. I accept no liability for loss.

You can read about this strategy in full here

For this week, we will stick with just this one. This is easy, and low maintenance and it will give us another week of making sure everything works well in the more complex strategies.

If you are copying/using signals from this strategy, it would be very helpful for me if you can set up a Myfxbook for tracking the results. Please let me know if you do that. Send me a message (message, rather than chat. I tend to miss a lot of chats). Or post the link here.

Through the next week (maybe even all over the weekend), I will publish the other strategy plans. We will not be using them this week, it is just prep for what we will be using going forward presuming week 3 of live testing goes well.

Asset Management Competition

See first

I will start tracking an account for this starting on Monday. No-one else has said they want to take part in this, which is sad. However, I will still do it and provide the benchmark strategy. If others do start to get involved and they are showing reasonable results, I will start to look for someone to sponsor it. Should be able to get those who do well over a year or so at least $50,000 or so in investment for them to test out their wings in real asset management.

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